Why did COVID19 happen?

Recent outbreak COVID19 has disrupted daily lives of majority of human species on this planet. It has forced us to apply brakes on the pace of our progress, development and growth. As per the instinct of humans, we are trying to find the reason of this outbreak. Some people are trying to blame a country for the outbreak, or at least not doing enough to do initial damage control; while others think it had to happen anyways.

The rapid pace of development of human race in terms of science, technology and quality of life of us has made us believe that we are on the right path of progress. While we always knew that we are the most intelligent species on earth, now we also believe more firmly that rest of all species and planet’s resources are solely for consumption at our wish the way we like it. And why not, the innovative use of the natural resources has brought immense changes in the way we live our lives, bring convenience at our doorstep. Be it the cars we drive, houses we live in, the information we access on our fingertips, 24 hours running supply of water and electricity, the gadgets we use, the medical facilities we avail. Similarly, the farming of livestock as brought protein rich diet to our dining tables, almost uninterrupted. A good chuck of population is living lives that only kings could afford 200 years back. So, if something like COVID19 is suddenly halting this, we are trying to find whose is at fault.

Well, if we take a moment and think holistically of the big picture, there is another perspective. All the progress made in last 120 years has definitely made our life convenient, but there seem to be no end to the race of amassing more. Though work week has reduced to 5 days from 6 days couple of decades back, still we are increasingly finding less time for ourselves. We are racing against each other to collect more as none of us knows when to stop. We have bled our nature so profoundly in this process that even the warning of impending apocalypse due to climate change moving from 2050’s to 2030’s did not stop global leaders from relaxing the emission targets in Paris Agreement. The 0.01% of human life of earth is making decisions for rest of 99.99% life thinking that rest is to serve them.

In our knowledge of universe in its entirety, we are only aware of earth as a plant that has life as on date. It is time to expand the meaning of life beyond humans, animals and birds but consider earth as a whole alive. And why not, we cannot claim that for any other planet. We all have studied about the entire ecosystem that our planet provides for life to thrive, otherwise we would have inhabited other plants by now. We have plundered this ecosystem ruthlessly in the race of development. We may have lost around 1 billion plus animals during Australia’s horror bush-fire season (2019–20). Similarly, we lost around 2.3 million animals in Amazon forest wildfires in 2019. When a human bleed due to wounds on the body, then different organs go in trauma. Now our planet has lost so much animal life, not to mention much more plant life that we are not even considering, and we trying to find reason for COVID19? Or rather it’s just its nature’s way of re-balancing the ecosystem where one organ of mother earth (humans) was over dominating and starving her other organs (plant, animal and insect life)? Is it time to rethink the model of development that’s based on accumulating wealth while destroying resources?

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